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10 Most Valuable Comic Books Of All Time

Comic books are integral part of their life for many readers while growing up. There are people who love comic books even after growing up. Those people loves to collect comic books, some of them pay hefty amount for some comic issues they don’t have. Here are worlds most valuable comic books of all time.

10. Amazing Fantasy No. 15

Most Valuable Comic Book - Spider Man

Price : $280,000

It is the 10th most expensive comic book ever, the reason it considered expensive is because of scarcity. It was published in 1962 during the silver ages of comic books. It is the final issue of previously titled “Amazing Adult Fantasy” comic book. This 12 cent issue now costs around $280,000.

9. Fantastic Four 1

Most Valuable Comic Book - Fantastic Four 1

Price : $290,000

It is created in response of DC’s popular and successful comic, Justice League. From this comic new team of super hero is introduced, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Woman and monstrous Thing. It is the story of Fantastic Four comes to know about their powers and collectively put in to use against The Mole Man.

8. Action Comic 7

Most Valuable Comic Book - Action Comic 7

Price : $404,000

In this issue superman joins the circus as a star attraction to help the owner. It was published in 1938 and considered as one of the most valuable comic because from this issue superman starts flying.

7.  Batman 1

 Most valuable Comics - Batman 1

Price : $440,000

Who doesn’t love Batman? This is his first solo comics, it gave us first experience with Joker and Cat Woman. The reason for it’s high price is because it is the very first comic of solo adventures of Batman.

6. All-American Comics 16

Most Valuable Comic Book -  All-American Comics 16

Price : $478,000

Green Lantern is more popular then we realized, in this issue of comic Green Lantern finds out a lantern from space object and find out his newly acquired powers and uses it to fight against few bank robbers while stopping a whole train with his powers. So this is the reason it is on our list of Most Valuable Comic Books.

5. Marvel Comics 1

Most Valuable Comic Book - Marvel Comics 1

Price : $499,000

This is the Marvel comic’s issue in which the Human Torch makes debut and takes first bow. It is the prime reason of this hefty price. Human Torch is part of Fantastic Four.

4. Detective Comics 1

Most Valuable Comic Book -  Detective Comics 1

Price : $535,000

It is the issue which started the glorious journey of DC Comics, the issue released in March 1937 and we got our super hero from Batman to Superman and most popular Justice League.

3. Superman 1

Most Valuable Comic Book -  Superman 1

Price : $715,000

It is the story of ma and pa Kent, in this comic book we get the origin of Superman. It is actually a reprint of Action Comic’s superman first four issues. The content of the comic is recycled but it holds value because it’s very first solo comic book of Man of Steel.

2. Detective Comics 27

Most Valuable Comic Book -  Detective Comics 27

Price : $2.57 Million

The cape crusader begins, it is the very first issue of adventures of Batman. In this issue the very first appearances of Batman and Gotham’s commissioner Gordon are investigating the murder of wealthy person. The reason it holds this value is because it is first appearance of Batman.

1. Action Comics 1 

Most Valuable Comic Book - Action Comics 1

Price : 2.89 Million

There are less then 100 copies left in the world, it is the tale of superman origins and its adventure. There is no mention of Krypton but there is mention that superman arrives from distance planet.

This were the list of most valuable comic books of all time, what do you think about the list? Do you have any of this comic book? do share your views on the list in comment.

  • Doctor Pedro

    Marvel Comics No. 1 has the first appearance of the Original Human Torch, the android, who is not the same as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four, who is human. The idea and visual style was recycled, but the Original Golden Age Human Torch was re-introduced to the Silver Age Marvel comics as The Vision in the Avengers.
    Call me pedantic.
    Mind you, the Sub-Mariner who appears in the same issue is the same Sub-Mariner who later re-appeared in the Silver Age Marvel comics.

  • Anonymous

    The cover isn’t very revealing about the plot of the most valued comic, is it? “Meet the incredible Super Man, who can really get pissed if he’s stuck in traffic!”

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